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Manage your light with Luminous

Luminous   is the leader in PhyOps, unifying fiber plant and network IT operations
PhyOps Management
  • Increases profitability on fiber assets

  • Visually manage fiber assets

  • Simplify rack and cabinet management

  • Quickly navigate complex fiber paths

  • Full life cycle fiber management

Augmented Intelligence
  • Machine Learning techniques ensure seamless workflow 

  • Detect physical security breaches

  • Notify users of splice budget loss variations

  • Integrate with your Help desk ticket system

Esri® GIS Integration
  • GIS API integration with Esri ArcGIS®

  • Use any geospatial base map

  • Add geo-layers for additional functionality

  • Import your choice of Esri properties

  • Add map projections of your choice

Who are we

Feature Highlights

Manage Fiber Assets

Need to find all of the splice points on a buffer tube?


Watch as we show how to select the fiber starting point and then visually show all of the splice points that are on that fiber run

Splice Case Management

Visually document all fusion and buffer tube splices


Watch how we visually fusion splice individual fiber strands and an entire buffer tube with a few clicks

Why Luminous


Designed by Engineers

Luminous has been designed and developed through close partnerships with large fiber plant customers having a common goal of unifying fiber plant and network IT operations

Performance and Scale

  • GIS layered physical plant management

  • Fiber strand level logistical management

  • Incident case management with team notifications

  • Visual plant to network connectivity views

  • Modern containerized cloud based micro service architecture

How it works

Rodney Roberts

Deputy CIO


”Before Luminous, the location of our fiber paths were in the heads of senior infrastructure staff. Now we have access to our entire fiber plant from our mobile devices.”

quote (1).png

 Code Driven Data Migration Services

Let the experts at Luminous help unlock your raw data


We deliver efficient code driven data conversions from spreadsheet / PDF to Luminous Cloud

We deliver optional structured JSON outputs to your Github or Bit bucket repositories

All conversion data is automatically delivered to your Luminous Cloud instance

Pro Services
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U.S. Headquarters

223 S. West Street, Suite 900 Raleigh, NC 27601

Tel: 866-840-5456

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